Design and art, there is a lot of discussions going on with these two topics but to make things clear in short

yet art is always an integral part of the design, though art doesn't talk about problem-solving whereas design is all about problem-solving and function

Good and Bad Design

function outer(){

const a = 10;

function inner(){

const b = 10;





— Bind Method returns a new Function —

let _obj ={
function print(){
console.log(`firstName : ${this.first_name} lastName : ${this.last_name}`)
let new_function = print.bind(_obj)new_function();
const obj1={
f_name : "xyz",
l_name : "zyx",
print : function(title){
console.log(` ${title} . first Name : ${ this.f_name } ,
last Name : ${this.l_name} `)
obj1.print("Mr"); // this method of passing arguments is know
const obj2={
f_name : "efg",
l_name : "gfe",
const obj1={        f_name : "xyz",
l_name : "zyx",
print : function(){
console.log(`first Name : ${ this.f_name } ,
last Name : ${this.l_name} `)


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