good :) / bad :(

→ Art is through the emotions and instincts of an artist

→ Design is something that has a purpose and solves a particular problem

Good and Bad Design

Does there really exists something like good design and bad design, Hmmmm…. when there can be good art and bad art, why cant a design be so ….

There are certain principles to check if a design is a good design or a bad design

10 principles of good design

Good design is innovative

Good design makes a product useful

Good design is aesthetic

Good design makes a product understandable

Good design is unobtrusive

Good design is honest

Good design is long-lasting

Good design is thorough down to the last detail

Good design is environmentally-friendly

Good design is as little design as possible


Let us consider the apple product mac book, it is slim, lightweight, and could be carried anywhere easily, it is efficient in terms of battery, security, and the use of the product is easier too when compared to windows as we don't have many drives for storage yet provides good storage capacity, it is simple yet elegant in looks and aesthetics :)

magsafe charger

Let us consider MagSafe for charging the MacBook the design is simple looks good and the MagSafe gets attached easily to the charging point in Macbook effortlessly and the charger comes with a side flip that can be opened or closed to secure the wire too after charging :)

switch board

Let us consider this switchboard, it is simple in terms of looks and usability and has a plastic flap inside the switch so it is safe when kids are at home, the design is also sustainable as it can accommodate different types of plugs :)

soap stand

The next example would be a soap stand the design seems to be good and simple the material used in it is also sturdy most importantly this has an elevation given by those legs, we get many products without this elevation in the market which leads to mulching of the soap which is not the case in the soap stands as in the image :)

usb cable

USB cables are designed in such a way that they can be used in a wide range of products irrespective of the brand it is such a versatile design that it can be used to charge the mobiles and even connect the mobiles to laptops or desktops to transfer data or even to charge from the laptop if u facing powercut :)

Lets us take this phone case as an example it is made up of good material it looks good too but the camera holes don't match with the phone at all, it clearly doesn't serve the purpose :(

water bottle

This water bottle looks good and it also serves the purpose of holding water but this water bottle doesn't have a grip to hold because of its glazed outer body it cant be used by kids who play a lot or even spriters or athlete’s as they cant hold this water bottles comfortably as it slides down and carrying this type of water bottles are also a bit difficult as it is heavy when compared to other plastic water bottles :(


Most widely used Social media nowadays it has no issues with devices of larger screens, but in devices, with smaller screens, it is irritating to use the hamburger menu most of the time when I want to click on it, I end up in login :(

fish medicine bottle

This product is used by many aquarists especially those who like flower horns or koi type of fish this antibacterial fish medicine bottle requires skill to open its cap as I end up rotating the cap for hours yet the bottle cap is not opened and if by chance am successful in opening the bottle and add drops of the antibacterial solution in the aquarium I end up staining my hands with dark blue or yellow in color :(

Have you ever visited any government official website, everyone would have at least once in their lifetime, once you land on the landing page it is filled with notifications which are just like the railway station notification and a lot clumsier than in and we have no clue what is happening on the page :(


In this form adding a landline number to create an account is a mandatory field, it is not necessary that every person who needs to create an account here for booking train tickets will have a landline connection, as nowadays people use smartphones, this form doest take that in consideration :(

it is simple to use it and many of the products are good in looks too, it avoids sharpening the pencil as it is just a click away :)

cycles that are manufactured nowadays are a bit difficult to adjust the size of the seat, earlier the adjustment to seat height in cycles was done by the bolt it used to be much easier as nowadays we have a clip which hard to turn down to adjust the seat height :(

out-door-gym the design of these products are so simple that anyone who has no idea on using the gym equipment can also use those :)

spike buster this is a good design as it allows the user to use more electric devices which requires continuous power supply :)